Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine, May 1851, p. 328


Lace Cuff

Use crochet thread Nos. 8 and 9.

Make a chain of 106 loops with thread No. 80; turn back and work in double crochet, always working on one side, commencing at the right-hand side of foundation.

1st row.—Single open crochet, with thread No. 90.

2d row.—Double crochet.

3d row.—5 chain, 7 long; repeat.

4th row.—7 chain, 5 long; repeat.

5th row.—7 chain, 3 long; repeat.

6th row.—5 chain, 5 long; repeat.

7th row.—3 chain, 7 long; repeat.

8th row.—3 chain, 9 long; repeat.

9th row.—3 stitches of 3 chain crochet, 7 long; repeat.

10th row.—4 stitches of 3 chain crochet, 5 long; repeat.

11th row.—5 stitches of 3 chain crochet, 5 long; repeat.

12th row.—5 stitches of 3 chain crochet, 3 long; repeat.

Crochet the ends with double crochet.

13th row.—12 chain, 2 long; repeat. Work this row round each end of the cuff, and work the band in double crochet with thread No. 80, missing every fourth stitch of foundation.

Note.—Our pattern has been reduced in size from the original, but by working as above directed the true size will be given.