The Work Department section of Godey's Lady's Book featured various items to make.  Some of the articles of clothing, home accessories, etc. have become quite popular today.  Here are links which represent a sampling, of some of the many patterns brought to us by Godey's Lady's Book.  Check back for new entries.


  • Crochet Flowers - geranium - petal, leaf, buds







One of the early commercial manufacturers of the Palmer patent was Madame Demorest, a New York dressmaker. She advertised her Fairy sewing machine in Godey’s Lady’s Book, vol. 66, 1863, and stated: “In the first place it will attract attention from its diminutive, fairy-like size, and with the same ease with which it can be carried, an important matter to a seamstress or dressmaker employed from house to house ... What no other sewing machine attempts to do, it runs, and does not stitch, it sews the more delicate materials an ordinary sewing machine cuts or draws....”