Sarah Josepha Buell Hale (1788 - 1879)  Editor

The woman behind Godey's Lady's Book

(This photo is from Wikimedia Commons and is in the public domain)

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Best know for being the editor for Godey's Lady's Book for half a century, let the sidebar links  be your pathway to finding out more about the woman behind Godey's Lady's Book. 

Mrs. Hale was an author in her own right.  She wrote books on various topics (such as The New Household Receipt Book), as well as children's' books and poems (i.e. Mary had a little lamb).  She even included self descriptions (sketches) in some of her books (The Ladies' Wreath and Woman's Record).

Chambers Encyclopedia gives a brief description of some highlights in her life, and the article titled, Mrs. Sarah J. Hale, is a tribute written by Mrs. Lucy E. Sanford shortly after she died.