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Godey's Lady's Book was the chief financial success among the Philadelphia magazines, and, after the Port Folio (a political and literary journal/magazine), enlisted the services of the greatest number of the best writers. The circulation, largely due to its popular colored fashion plates, increased to 150,000 a month. It was begun in July, 1830, by Louis A. Godey, who continued to direct his continuously prosperous journal until 1877. Some of the earliest compositions of Longfellow, Holmes, Poe, Bayard Taylor, Lydia H. Sigourney, Frances Osgood and Harriet Beecher Stowe appeared in this magazine. (written in - The Philadelphia Magazines and their contributors 1741-1850  by Albert H. Smyth, 1892)

Godey's Lady's Book for 1851 called itself the "Book of the Nation"...Literary and pictorial, devoted to American Enterprise, American writers and American artists. It claimed with Sarah J. Hale conducting the literary department it "shall exceed every other magazine."